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About Inky and the Alien Aquarium

Inky and the Alien Aquarium is a brand new puzzle game made completely from scratch for the Game Boy Advance, emulators, and systems capable of playing ROM files (PC, RetroPie, Analogue Pocket, etc.) It's a block pushing puzzle game similar to Lolo's Adventure and Sokoban, but with an open world.

Inky, a flapjack octopus, along with 15 other sea creatures have been abducted and put on display in an alien aquarium. Being a clever octopus with an abhorrence to captivity, Inky immediately makes a break for it. To escape the aliens Inky must break out of the aquarium, traverse the mothership, and find a way back to Earth. 


Inky and the Alien Aquarium is a push puzzle game with an open map. Solve puzzles to help Inky make their way through the 4 levels of the ship. Each room is a block-pushing puzzle you must escape! Rescue fellow abducted sea creatures and collect items to unlock more sections of the ship. 

In the spirit of the Witness, there are no direct instructions in the game on how to solve the puzzles. For players who would like a little help getting started, we made a tutorial play-through video.  


A GBA Game Made from Scratch

Inky and the Alien Aquarium is the first retro homebrew released by Pocket Pulp, a 2-person indie game dev team. It's written in ARM Assembly language and made completely from scratch. The assembler, sound engine, pixel art and music were all created by us. We'll be adding more to this section soon. See our post in the Game Boy Advance homebrew development forum to read more on how the game was made from scratch and see some of the tools built to build the game.



Inky and the Alien Aquarium will launch on Kickstarter Spring 2023.  Backers will have first access to the digital download and a limited physical release. All backers will be listed in the game's credits. Follow our Kickstarter campaign to get notified when we launch.




Inky and the Alien Aquarium was created by Sean Connelly and Casey Dean.

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